Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Getting started again

Well, having gotten over the initial excitement of getting back into my blog, its time to start on with what's happening with my head, and my developments.

It's come to that point again, when God is shouting ideas into my head on what I can do with my brain. Network this, Automate that, Develop this, Design that.
Wow it gets hot in that there head of mine.

I'm currently thinking about the possibilities of wireless networks / VPN connections between churches.
I'm also designing a bills system which will keep records for me, and allow Laura to work in her usual way - hitting problems with opening and closing access databases from excel.
On the horizon is a new server to store our films and photos, and a network to interconnect everything.
Also just added to my list is a challenge - a dead iPod to be repaired - hard drive failure? how difficult is it working again?


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