Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Welcome to my first blog entry... I've seen so many blogs, but just never gotten round to doing my own. In due course I'll write my own, and move it to my own webspace, but for now blogger.com seems to be nice and easy (In other words, blogger.com have me for life heh!)

Ok so its the end of another long day, I suppose for my first entry I should say who I am.
Ben Moorhouse; 22 year old Communications Consultant working for HBOS, but wanting to get my own web design company off the ground. It takes so much work though!!
Just writing the business plan has already taken up 9 A4 sheets of my poor PCs lowly memory.
I'm married with a daughter and a son to be, Kateland is 5 and Laura (my wife) is 20. Evan is due to drop out sometime around June 15th

Anyway, I'm assuming I'll be the worlds lonliest blogger for a good while until I start talking about something COMPLETELY useless!
Although I have no idea so far, I think I'm going to focus this blog on my company setup. Then never know, if it gets off the ground I may even do a podcast of some sort... Does that mean I'm tied to doing a PodCast now?

Anyway, it's midnight, and so Tuesday now. I have loads to get through, so will try to post tomorrow.


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