Friday, May 19, 2006


Hi All,

Sorry for the huge delay in my posts! I'll get straight onto it - no delay.

I've been asked by various people to do some tutorials, one of them was how to create a "ticker" on a web page...

The basic html code for a "ticker" (aka marquee) is < marquee>YOUR TEXT OR IMAGE< /marquee>
You can then go about adding extra switches. eg. < marquee scrollamount="4" bgcolor="red">YOUR TEXT OR IMAGE< /marquee>

The switches are:

  • align (top, middle or bottom) - controls the position of the marquee box relative to the surrounding text
  • behaviour - Scroll (scrolls around the marquee area), Slide (slides from one side of the screen, and stops at the other), and Alternate ("bounces" between the ends of the box).
  • bgcolor - enter the colour or hex code you want the background colour to be.
  • direction - (left, right, up or down) changes the direction in which the text is scrolling.
  • height - sets the height of the marquee area
  • width - sets the width of the marquee area
  • hspace - sets the amount of horizontal space around the box
  • vspace - sets the amount of vertical space around the box
  • loop - the number of cycles the text will make (not including this equals infinite)
  • scrollamount - sets the number of pixels from one position to the next
  • scrolldelay - sets the number of milliseconds until the next position is shown

Thats all folks! get your requests in -


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