Saturday, May 06, 2006


All work and no play makes Ben a dull boy, and Ben being a dull boy makes a rubbish company!

Yesterday was a very eventful day, and there are lots of things on the horizon.
The first main thing is that I got a job; still with HBOS, still in the same building too. As soon as we agree my money and my release date from my current job, I'll be starting as a Data Development Analyst. Which is basically creating database systems to handle requests for data, which will then be used by "the business" to make informed decisions on items such as bonus.
It should be a really good thing, and one of the huge benefits is that I'll have a payrise, hopefully quite a substantial one too. We shall see!

Another thing is that Damian Carpenter left West Bank, he's one of those men who you can go to see if you want to know how something is done, and he will either have it done, or find someone who can do it for you. I will miss him greatly as we bounced so many things off each other, and he's been there if/when I needed him.

Another thing that happened yesterday, I think was a bit of a friendship building exercise; my father-in-law's car has a faulty radiator fan, so we took the old one out, he had a new one to put in, but when we finally got the old one out he had the wrong one! SO frustrating - he wasn't to know, but the guy at the scrappy should have known.
Anyway, there's a new bloke on the street, so him helping was nice to get to know that he's a good lad.
Paul has a new fan on Monday, so we'll put that in then.

Web Design Company News
Obviously with all of this going on, I was absolutely exhausted by the evening. I was supposed to talk to my Dad online about his company's website - / but he wasn't online, which if I'm honest was a nice suprise as I was falling asleep. Having planned to stay up until 4am working on the site, I went to bed at 12:15am which is very early for me!
Therefore, the company development suffered.
I have however completed the basics of the prospector database, so that needs filling now.

Next Business Target
I need to complete the research into schools and churches within a 5 mile radius of our house (Shawcross, Dewsbury), and enter the data into the database.

Cool new thing
Skype, Ebay inc.'s VOIP (Voice Over Interne Protocol) online "telephone" system, will be introducing free conferencing for upto 100 users, allowing a chairperson to control when each person can speak. That will be a big help for companies were staff work from home across a large distance, or even across multiple offices.

Until next time people, keep learning!


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