Monday, May 15, 2006

New way to blog

Hi all,
I have a new way to write my blog, which allows me to be more mobile.
Ill be writing it on my phone and it will send when i sync it with my
computer in the morning.

Ive been working on a couple of web design jobs recently - the project
perfect call website, and a site for my dads work (SiteLink). Im taking
the basic design into work tomorrow to show Angie who asked me to create
the site.

Another thing that was quite cool was getting a letter via my parents
from Rachael Gordon who I know from my work experience at Jesmond Parish
Church. She's into computers and databases, which fits into my new job
quite nicely.

Right, Im going to spend the evening with Laura. Maybe next time Ill get
used to writing as if its the morning (when this will be published).

Until next time, have fun!


Anonymous Rachael Gordon said...

Wow Thanks for the mention. You do seem to bit of a computer wizz. Not fair. He he.
Cool. Well done for getting this far. :)

I didnt realise you were on placement at JPC. I know when I met you I was at CYFA then. If we meet we can talk about JPC. I sill attend the church occasionally and have gotten to know many people there.

Later. My nickname is Rachy251

12:30 pm  
Blogger Ben Moorhouse said...

No problemo - I'm not sure whether its computer wizz or geek he he. Not a nerd though dont worry - I actually do like spending time around people rather than computers.

Yea, I was at Jesmond Parish Church (for those of you who have no idea what we're talking about) as my work experience.

Whats the full URL to your blog?

5:25 am  

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