Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mr Fixit

Ever find that you're spending all of your time fixing things rather than actually creating things?
I find that so frustrating, especially since I enjoy fixing things so much! (It makes sense to me anyway :) )
For example, Tuesday night, I spent a couple of hours getting the fan working on my father-in-law's car, then last night I spent an hour diagnosing a fault on a neighbours fiesta, and then when I came in, had to fix my iPod because it wouldn't let me save any settings to it!
That took me to midnight, leaving me with a grand total of 0 hours for creation and development.

I need to find ways to work faster without spending too much money.

Finding the time though is the next hurdle - check out my day's timetable for today:
6am - get up, get dressed. Check emails, RSS feeds and update my blog, burn 3 CDs for people at work and a neighbour.
7am - wake Laura (my wife) and Kateland (daughter) and get Kateland ready for school including breakfast, teeth and clothes.
8am - set off for work, listen to a podcast on web design or technology in my attempt at keeping up with the technologies I work with.
9am- get into work, have a meeting with Liz (my current manager) about what I'm going to be getting completed before I leave that team on 5th June.
9:30-15:30 - web design meeting with training administrator, communications officer, and a representititve of Thomas Danby College.
15:30-17:00 Database design to pull and store two random staff members from each of the 61 sales/service managers.
17:00 - catch a bus home, whilst listening to the 2nd part of my podcast
18:00 - get home, have my tea, get changed spend some time with Kateland.
19:00 - put Kat to bed, and spend some time with Laura
22:00 - come downstairs to do some web design / research
01:00 - time for bed, and the day starts again!

As you can see, there's not much time in there... if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear from you!

I have 15 mins left this morning so am going to rattle through my RSS feeds.

Until next time,

Have fun


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