Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Morning all!

With my new job safely tucked under my belt, my work is focussed on completing the communications hub Intranet home page.
I hit a snag when the footer that is automatically added onto the page appeared half way up, hidden underneath my design!
I'm currently changing all items to relative Spans, before realigning them. Because this doesn't take the items out of the design and "float" them, it pushes the footer down.
An annoying thing, but hey it's gotta be done.

I'm also going after SiteLink's website - they're wanting to make some new designs but have the sales staff creating designs! Although they have some nice ideas, they want to use thing like the dreaded Frames! NOOOOOO!!! I'm sure a google search spider would love to list their navigation page... not!

Ah well, I should be getting some more information on what they want and how they want it tonight, when I can draw up a design for them.


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