Friday, May 12, 2006

Continuation of a busy lifestyle

Morning all!

In order to continue having a busy lifestyle, I needed to get more work to do! So, I've now got an intranet site to design and implement by 22nd of this month! Ah the joys of being good at what you do! It also disproves a couple of statements - it's not what you know, it's also not who you know, the phrase should actually conclude; "It's who knows you" ;)

My word of advice for this morning people - get out there and get yourself known. Aim for people asking for you specifically, that way you can charge lots of money :D
Unfortunately I'm only doing the first part of that so far!

I should get my XP box at work today... how long have I been saying that?! they should've arrived at West Bank (the name of the building where I work - its on the west bank of a river) last night. I really hope it did, because my NT box is dying quickly!!

Anyway people, I'm off to TRY to finish my blog template.

Until next time,
Have fun.


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