Thursday, May 25, 2006

Back to work again

Right, I've had a day and a half off, and deffinately need to get back to work. I bet my mailbox is at about 70 emails, which will be fun.
I have a meeting about creating a website at 8 am, I'm not awake at all, am hoping that I wake up by then!

I've been sharing my iTunes library with my brothers over the past couple of days, which is actually really cool. Just setup Hamachi to create a VPN, then share your iTunes library and look for shared music, and it simply pops up as long as your all connected the VPN.
You can't copy the music through iTunes, but you can browse the shared folder ;)

Anyway, random tip over, have fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey u.
Who have you told about your web site? Am I the only one apart from your family? You need to hand out more business cards.Your brother is called Simon isnt he? I was talking to Maggie today. How well do you know her? You have been married 1 year havent you? You have been working really hard on your IT career. I await an email from you.

Rachael Gordon

9:05 pm  

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